“Is life worth living? It all depends on the liver.”  

Tattva Cleansing | SPRING DETOX YOGA 

with Herbal Cleansing and Sound Healing 



10:30-14:00 23March Saturday 

"The cup has to be left clean and empty for the divine liquor to be poured into it." 



Modern health science talks about intake of nutrition, protein, calories to be a healthy living But still human are suffering negative impact on the health due to the same cause. According to yogic science, What we experience today as diseases of modern time is excessive storage of toxin in the body. cleansing of body and mind is the way towards ultimate physical and mental health. 


Stress is excess of adrenaline hormone, which means too much fire and water elements in body; 

Arthritis - excess of air element;

Acidity and constipation- excess of fire element. 


The incapability of removing apana(toxins) from the body is the root cause of many diseases. 

The best timing for detox lies in Spring. Early spring, the days emerge from the dark period of winter and return to the budding of new life. Ying energy retreating and Yang energy elevating and flowing. In CTM tradition, Spring is the time where Liver energy (fire) restarts and grows. The  toxins stored in liver and blood easily got pumped out in the forms of allergy, low immunity, constipation etc, which make it the best timing for detox. 

Detox Yoga works as an effective way to facilitate body’s natural detox process. By re-balancing the 5 elements in the body, it detoxify and cleanse body excesses physically and energetically. The inclusion of both yin and yang, strong and supple postures in Detox Yoga cultivates a balance in the different layer of human mechanics. It helps to ground, center and re-connect as this new season unfolds. In the stretch, twist, expand, and contract in Asanas, we facilitate the process of waste removal. Wastes from lactic acid to lymphatic fluid, toxins, and carbon dioxide will all be processed and removed from the deep tissues and extremities of the body.








10:30 Intro to Detox/Pranayama 呼吸法|自然排毒法理论介绍

11:20 Deep Detox Yoga Practice  深度排毒瑜伽

12:45 Juice / Fruits /Herbal Tea and Rest 生鲜汁/果蔬/本草茶|午间小憩

13:15 Yoga Restoration and Sound Healing Relaxation排毒修复练习|光音震波舒缓放松

* This session would be a FULL-DAY detox. 3.5Hours spent in Divine Centre, and instructions will be given for the rest of the day at home. This session is focusing on Digestion, Liver and Lung Cleansing with powerful detox effect on body and mind. Detox juice and herb tea is provided throughout whole session.   


Please come with empty stomach请空腹到达

For the entire day, please limit your diet to only liquid food and follow rest of the instruction at home. 全天仅可食用流食,回家后请遵循的自然疗法的后续要求。


10:30-14:00PM 23 March Saturday

@Divine Body and Mind Centre 

¥399/person(respost this article in WeChat moments and enjoy ¥366)

How to Join:
Limited spots. Book your spots early via our WeChat “Divinebodyandmind”  and let us know about your body condition via WeChat 请通过微信提前预约,并告知我们的您的身体情况。


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Divine Body and Mind Centre

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(If come by Taxi, please tell the driver it is at the cross road of Pu Dong Da Dao and Hua Kai Road)
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