29Jun | MediTone::Sound Meditation 宇宙靡音静心冥想·疗愈音钵·风锣
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A Sound Bath is the meditative experience of being held and caressed by sound, created by therapy-grade Himalayan Healing Bowls and Feng Gong. It has been well documented that specific sound frequencies can be used to assist in healing a particular dis-ease and/or emotional state of being. Sound is Energy & Vibration. These Vibrations sooth your body and mind. They carry you into an altered state of consciousness & gamma brainwave function, through which you may experience meditative relaxation, sharpened perception, spontaneous healing, & exciting adventures. 

This guided meditation session using ancient healing bowls and Feng Gong showers you in meditative sound wave.

It supports to disconnect from discursive thinking and drop into a wonderland of deep relaxation and spaciousness. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned meditator, 

immersion in a vibrational field of ancient and modern healing instruments allows you to ease into a state of expanded consciousness 

and connection to the natural harmony of body, mind, and soul.


¥180/Person for Non-members (WeChat repost and enjoy ¥150);

1Time Cut for Times Card Member; 

Free for Year Member;


Limited spots. Book in advance through our booking WeChat.席位有限,请提前通过微信预定


Divine Body and Mind Studio

28C, Building B, 1089 Pu Dong Avenue cross Hua Kai Road

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