SERIES III - Revatilization

Refresh Spine, Unleash Engery

13 April Saturday 10:30-12:00

焕活脊柱 疗愈身心 



Afte“YOGA FOR SPINE SERIES I - Fundamentals”  and "SERIES II - Deep Restoration", Divine Body and Mind is now launching “YOGA FOR SPINE SERIES III - Revitalization” with Doctor Chandan to correct misalignment and bring vitality to spine health.   

Our spine keeps a physical memory of EVERYTHING. Not only it carries our body weight, all our emotion, stress, suppressed energy also goes inside the spine and muscles and stays there.


Our past experience, memory and trauma are stored in spine nerves; Fear goes into sacrum bone; Grief gets into lower back…Memory in the brain fades away, but the body doesn’t forget. Through nerves, our spine loaded with all the pressure then interconnected with all organs, then it is our immune and detox system. 


Spine is EVERYTHING to our body. Powerful spinal yoga, renown for its self-healing power, enable the spine to refresh and renew itself.Using supportive props and hanging belts, it opens up the vertebral,  unblock Nadis (energy point). After this back pain, neck&shoulder tense and soreness released and disapeare. Through the muscle-spine-mind connection, emotions that are housed in body could be moved and released.  















This special yet powerful class will be led by Indian master, Dr Chandan, who has 6-year clinical experience and 10-year experience as yoga therapist. His yoga adjustment skill and therapy is so powerful and known to have immediate improvement on the body and emotional level. Popular amongst his private clients, now he is hosing this public workshop OPEN to EVERYONE. Come and press the "REFRESH" button of your over-loaded spine, and come home with a refreshing body and energy. Limited Spot, PLZ book in advance! 

本次课程由瑜伽师Dr Chandan老师带领,Dr Chandan老师有6年临床医师经验和10年瑜伽疗愈的经验,3年TTC教培经验,Dr Chandan老师每年定期回印度修习,并在喜马拉雅山中进修瑜伽理疗。他的脊柱课程以其在身心上的效果显著而深受其学生爱戴。


"I enjoyed the class a lot. I learned important information and poses how to correct the posture and strech my back. Appreciate Dr. Chandan working with everyone individually and for being attentive. i enjoyed ambient too, the scent of aroma oils and the music (although it was repetative, maybe should put more tracks next times). Thank you !"

- Vicoria

"Joining this yoga spine workshop  was a very wise decision last December. Dr. Chandan is a great professional with a outstanding knowledge and talent on medicine and yoga. He shows a greatly sensitivity for his students by trying to understand every student spine problem individually. During this workshop he explained in very detail each pose we practiced so that you can understand the aim of the pose, what it is good for and how to do it correctly and how not to get injured since the spine is always very sensitive."

- Helena

"This was my first time trying Yoga for Spine and I feel so lucky to have found this workshop. I have scoliosis, and recently I've been experiencing a lot of back pain and discomfort. Dr Chandan and his team were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Since the class size was small I really felt like my specific issues were getting treated and so the workshop felt like it was made for me. It was very informative and helpful and as soon as I walked out I felt a huge difference on my back, I almost couldn't believe it. I'm very grateful I got to experience this and look forward to continue this practice in my everyday life."

- Tiara 

"It's my scoliosis got me in connection with this Spine for Yoga class. I have been suffering from back pain for long time and later found about the classes here in Divine Body and Mind. It was my first session, but it works incredibly well on me. I can feel the pain got relieved so much after the class, thanks to all the stretch and the upside down hanging during class. Dr Chandan is a very detailed teacher, giving us enough focus and caring. I am really grateful about this encountering. I am keeping up my practice here with Divine spine classes hopefully to see greater improvement. Thank you so much."


Yoga for Spine Workshop Time:

10:30-12:00PM Saturday 13 April 2019


¥200/Person for Non-members (WeChat repost and enjoy ¥180);

1Time Count for Times Card Membership; 

Free for Year Membership;

How to Join:
 Limited spots for the best results. 

Book your spots early via our WeChat “Divinebodyandmind”  and let us know about your body condition via WeChat 



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