瑜伽,究竟奥义,意“身心的统一”。Divine Body and Mind身心瑜伽馆承古印度瑜伽调养理念,身心一体,心息相依。精琢外在身体的同时,雕内在心。这里为身体提供各类专业瑜伽及TTC教师培,本持顺位精准的瑜伽理念,身量身打造;同时定期办内冥想、音钵疗愈、工作坊、寺院静修等活动,琢内在心。我们的程及TTC教师培训仅聘请美国瑜伽联盟(Yoga Alliance)国际认证(E-RYT)的印度业老师授课教培,他们均为Divine全球精挑细选出的印度名师,平均拥有7年的授,他们平实快乐而睿智,用精良的课程锻造身心,深受学生戴。



奥姆 香缇~~~

Divine Body and Mind Centre (Shanghai) is a cozy, boutique Indian yoga centre located at beautiful riverside in Shanghai, China. It is a holistic well-being center offering more than simply a yoga studio. Yoga, by its timeless definition, means Unity of Body and Mind. Divine Body and Mind offer a wide range of activities crafted for physical body and mind. We offer traditional yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, restorative yoga, body adjustment yoga, TTC etc. for the BODY; and sound healing, sound bath, weekly meditation session, silent retreat for the MIND. Divine Body and Mind Centre handpicks such contents aiming to rejuvenate body, liberate mind, connect MIND, BODY and SOUL, and explore life to its fullest. 

All our teacher are internationally-approved Indian yoga teacher with average of 7year yoga teaching experience with profound exploration in spirituality. Their deep knowledge in yoga science, their simplicity and wisdom are adored and respected by all students. 

Divine Body and Mind, the perfect place to relax. The perfect place to restore. The perfect place to transform inside out. 

It is through body that you realized you are a spark of Divinity.”-B.K.S Iyengar 

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti~~~

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DIVINE BODY AND MIND CENTRE 瑜伽,究竟奥义,意 为 “身心的统一”。Divine Body and Mind身心瑜伽馆 , 传 承古印度瑜伽 调养 理念,身心一体,心息相依。精琢外

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